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    We provide high-quality commercially pure and alloy material for skelp, deep press, industrial and aerospace applications.

    Benewtec coil product encompasses CP and alloy material for industrial and aerospace applications.

    Customized CP industrial products are routinely produced to improve formability for use in deep press applications and

    to increase high-temperature performance for use in exhaust system applications.

    We also provide alloy product in coil form, which keeps costs low,

    Alloys such as  21S, a cold formable alloy that performs at elevated temperatures,

    15-333, which has superior strength, are effective solutions to many problems that can be solved with our coil and strip products.

    In addition to coil and sheet products, Tour CP strip is also available as skelp for use in welded tube product for

    a variety of industrial and aerospace applications.


    Benewtec products are used in applications ranging from power generation to chemical processing to desalination plants.
    Benewtec products are certified to many national standards including ASTM and P.E.D. for use in hundreds of

    industrial applications, making Benewtec one of the world’s largest and most diverse suppliers.

    Our products including pipe and fittings, and fabricates titanium vessels, tanks,heat exchangers, reactors and columns,

    many of which are certified to ASME requirements.

    Chemical process engineers are increasingly selecting titanium over other materials as they discover that it can reduce

    life cycle costs across a broad range of equipment and processes. Titanium plate is a very cost-effective solution

    when compared with other corrosion resistant alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy on an equal thickness basis due to its lower density.

    Further, titanium’s well-known tenacious surface oxide layer is an outstanding corrosion inhibitor.

    In many harsh environments titanium will outlast competing materials. Lower failure rates translate to less downtime,

    reduced maintenance and lower total cost.

    Industrial Markets Served

    Titanium provides significant material advantages compared to nickel and copper based alloys.

    Titanium can give automotive manufacturers an edge with patented lightweight alloys for exhaust systems and engine components.

    OIL & GAS
    We supplies pipe, flanges and specialty products to oil platforms worldwide.

    We supports dozens of industries with quality titanium and expert technology support.

China gears suppliers|China gears and shafts|bevel gears--BNC gears
                              Benewtec(Changzhou) New Technology Co., Ltd. Sue ICP for number 11046574

China gears suppliers|China gears and shafts|bevel gears--BNC gears
                              Benewtec(Changzhou) New Technology Co., Ltd. Sue ICP for number 11046574
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